Fee Schedule

Auction Fees
Per item sale fee
sliding scale
0.01 USD+     8%

Listing fee: 2.00 USD
Bold name fee: 0 USD
Banner line fee: 0 USD
Second category fee: 0 USD
Featured in front page rotation fee: 0 USD
Featured in category fee: 0 USD
Thumbnail fee: 0 USD
Featured in studio fee: 0 USD
Image1 upload fee: 0 USD
Image2 upload fee: 0 USD
Image3 upload fee: 0 USD
Image4 upload fee: 0 USD
Image5 upload fee: 0 USD
Image6 upload fee: 0 USD
Image7 upload fee: 0 USD
Image8 upload fee: 0 USD
Reserve bid fee: 0 USD

You will be invoiced and charged when your balance reaches the credit limit of $0.00.

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